Earthbound Innovations is part of the broad national network of Certified Parjana Installers. Together, we are delivering solutions for water optimum management. Our approach is unique as it involves detecting water problems, analyzing environmental variables and designing a solution that adapts to your needs and specifications through the means of working with nature.

Parjana, Inc. holds the patent for the EGRP® (Energy-Passive Groundwater Recharge Product), a game-changing water technology capable of being manufactured for product distribution. These solutions include the use of the EGRP® ( Energy-Passive Groundwater Recharge Product) system which facilitates the process of water infiltration without the need for electricity, at a rate faster than that of natural conditions. Using the EGRP® system provides, greatly reduced stormwater runoff, sediment control while promoting groundwater infiltration and groundwater recharge.

We are providing green water management solutions for government agencies, homeowners, commercial facilities, industrial facilities and agricultural sites. Contact us to help you resolve your water problems, from standing water in a backyard to city stormwater management.